Monday, December 31, 2012

Exploiting Perfectionism

Positive impact is often defined by the large community projects and emotional stories on television shows that only celebrities can pull off, but my college education will prepare me to impact the nation in a positive way that may go undetected. I am a student of Computational Media at Georgia Institute of Technology. While GT is most well known for its engineers, GT offers several (ironically) overlooked majors in fields that overlook nothing, one being Computational Media (CM). While CM majors may not join the Peace Corps, they are capable of improving everyday lives in ways nearly unperceivable to the masses.
After graduating with my CM degree I will be unleashing my perfectionism on the advertisements, applications, games, websites, and movies that are integral parts of modern American society. A large part of my job will be to pay attention the particulars of these to make them pleasing to each of the five senses it is to effect. While perfection may seem to be overkill, the average person subconsciously expects it, or at least appreciates it. Companies like BMW take a similar care in the sounds of the various “dings” in their luxury cars. A sound technician may spend hours, on a sound designed specifically to remind you to put on your seat belt just so they ensure the customer won’t get irritated on the 9,532nd ding. The luxury comes from honed subtleties that other car companies overlook.
In my research about Computational Media I found a student created game called Vision by Proxy (mentioned and linked to in my previous post: Definition of Dilemma.) Players play as a one eyed alien that can use different “eyes” to look at the world differently and utilize the different perspectives. To complete the game, players must use all their eyes to overcome obstacles. Impact and change on anything require a different take on the world, through different eyes. Mine is one that focuses on detail. 
A little alien we could all learn from.
Through my job I hope to transform the everyday, unavoidable blur of ads, websites, and movies into something enjoyable and pleasing. I could make those snippets of text on a page a bit more inspirational, or turn billboards into a positive, interesting experience. Without those minor irritations, the bigger ones will be easier to handle. Maybe the lack of external clutter will create minds that foster new ideas, and inventions! Perhaps the change won’t be that extreme, but what little bit it does improve will give a new view that will, at the very least, make the drive down the highway more enjoyable. (Or reduce road rage?)
What I intend to do will create a change that few will know what to attribute to, but I believe in the quote, “Life is in the details.” So, if I improve the details, I will have improved life.