Monday, March 14, 2016

The Art School At Georgia Tech (and beyond)

College is a place where your entire world fits in several city blocks and you can find almost everything you need without leaving campus, but where does one find art at Georgia Tech? You could find it in the rented modern art exhibit the institute has planted in the green spaces on our campus to confuse the freshman into thinking we go to a liberal arts school. If you could compile all the late night SnapChats taken in the Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons I'm sure there's enough sleep deprivation driven creativity there to call that art. But this year I've really stumbled into the art school in my classes. Well that's new.
This was a start to a post I began to write about 2 and a half years ago. I had recently switched into computational media and was excited to be exploring the artistic side of computing and the need for creative thinking and stuff that might be called "art" in my current field. Since then I've switched majors again to computer science and I'm currently frustrated with a lot of the "art side" of the computing field. But I'm not frustrated with art. I still feel most fulfilled when I feel that I'm creating art. I realized that I wanted a place to think and explore and share all the paint, poetry, and pencil shavings I get myself into. As a result this blog that started as my freshman seminar assignment is going to become my place of creative exploration because art is what really keeps me "Laughing at Raindrops."